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Design Academy

Urban Chic 3 Day Courses

DVR is now offering inspirational 3 day workshops in Interior Design and Decoration. Using the “Urban Chic Design in a Box Kit, Dorothy shares her 10 valuable interior decorating steps to enable you to create inspired and well designed spaces. You will also receive the popular DVR Urban Chic Design in a Box Kit , designed by Dorothy van’t Riet. The Box and its content will enable you to apply the knowledge and skills learnt to decorate your own home.

Urban Chic 3

History of the DVR Design Institute

Due to Dorothy van’t Riet’s prestigious stand in the design industry and her desire to uplift, train and empower people, the company entered the training and development arena in 1998 when Dorothy wrote a correspondence course in conjunction with Garden and Home Magazine.

By 2001 Dorothy had decided to spread her wings and independently wrote a one-year correspondence course. Approximately 2000 students from all walks of life have attended the DVR Design Academy course since 1998. The course has attracted both women and men of all ages, colours and backgrounds. Students include medical doctors, psychologists, law professors, architects, accountants, bank managers, teachers, housewives, domestic workers and school leavers. A large percentage of students over the last few years have started their own businesses as interior decorators or in related fields.

Students have registered from throughout South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Swaziland, Angola, Zimbabwe, DRC, Dubai, UK, Europe and USA. Over the years, several bursaries have also been granted to squatter camp inhabitants and prison inmates.

After 11 years of offering the highly popular one-year correspondence course, Dorothy rewrote and upgraded the course, taking it to a new level of excellence. A new two-year correspondence course, The Higher Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration Course was accredited and offered in association with Cornerstone Institute, a private higher education institute in Cape Town. DVR withdrew from its association with Cornerstone Institute in February 2015.

DVR now focusses on short powerful interior design workshops.

Dorothy van’t Riet has been the winner of numerous prestigious international awards, including:
  • The World's Best Contemporary Interior Design Award at Royal Ascot England.
  • The World's Best Classical Interior Design Award at Royal Ascot England.
  • The Anglo American Best Interior Design Award.
  • The Star Home Show Best Interior Designer Award at Featherbrooke.
  • An Award in Recognition of Achievement in South Africa's Best Entrepeneurs.
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